Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ah, it's the little little little things...

Completely busted the shower today. Had to take a bath and wash hair with Lilo's yogurt tubs.... By the time I got a snuffly and runny nosed L dressed and ready, the hardware store was closed. So no new shower head and stem till tomorrow.
I've been surviving on packaged Weight Watchers cuisine for weeks now, since I HATE to cook for myself alone.
And I own a clorox mop... and swiffer pads. Like mac and pc NOT compatible. oy.
Thank heavens for grandpa Robin, who came over and was full of good cheer. We had lunch at the Americana cafe just across the street. V. Sweet. I had a Turkey club, which only whetted my appetite for t. turkey.
T is in previews for " The Jacob Marley show" and I'm prepping to teach at SCR's Neighborhood conservatory.
Sounds more impressive than I feel, really.
love and oy.
(PS I have spent more money at Target in the last month than I make in a month... oy oy oy, but hey, the Mizrahi stuff is soooooo coooll!

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demondoll said...

On one of my recent moves I needed among other purchases-
cat food
wine (for an upcoming party)
a plunger

Target rocks!!! also Costco. I have a huge crushj on Jim Cinegal.
When we moved up here, you remember the great purging WGD and I did. Well we got here, and we had all my boxes of books. No pot with which to cook.