Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mortgage Crisis Suckage

Well hello bad timing. The mortgage industry goes haywire and yes we are plumb in the middle of it. I've been in escrow for three LOOOONNGG months... My financial guy assures me all will be OK. I have an ulcer the size of the Grand Canyon. Lots of people have lots of advice... all I can say is... get a paddle and help. Otherwise, the band is playing in the salon, go dance while the ship sinks.

Slightly grumpy doesn't BEGIN to cover how I feel. bleah!

In slightly happier news T and L and I and the delightful John David Keller went up in the Orange Balloon at the soon-to-be Great Park, Irvine.
Great view of the overpopulated Orange County. Then we went to Denny's and gossiped, gossiped, gossiped. I love JD, he's a doll.


demondoll said...

Oi, look at the sprawl!

Sending you all our best wishes on the escrow- xoxoxoxo

demondoll said...

btw- those boys are yummy :-)

Rachel in LA said...

As Charlotte from SATC would say, "Do all of your homework and push to the point of being obnoxious!" :)