Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh Tannenbaum...

Hey! So T got cast in Christmas Carol at SCR!!!!! Isn't that great? T was in the first mounting of Carol way back in 19--. He played Topper, now he's playing Marley. He is going to be awesome. I'm not supposed to blog about him, he's gonna kill me. But to heck with it, I AM SO PROUD OF HIM!

Yes, yes, I am disappointed I didn't get cast, I am only human after all, but mostly because a lot of the people I absolutely adore are going to get to hang out with each other during the most annoying season of the year. If you perform for a living you know what I mean.

Not much progress on the Co-op yet. OY...

Can I be selfish and say I deserve a little fun and frolic? It seems like my little Mary Sunshine done gone behind a cloud.
I guess I just need to put on my Big Girl panties and figure out what would make me happy.

It would help if I could just lose these last 10 pounds but they just love me and want to hang around. I HATE being out of shape. I don't want to be skinny, just not flubbery.

I must go put on offering on our altar to Zero Mostel... Maybe he can help

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demondoll said...

Congrats to T!
And don't you worry, Pretty Girl- I'm sure your project is coming up!