Monday, September 17, 2007

Rock Lobster!

We DeLighTs (D.L.T. get it?) went to Lobster fest yesterday in San Pedro. No I did not give any to Lilo, and yes, it was superb!
We ate 2 HUGE crustaceans, cole slaw and wattymelon. We drove 45 min each way just to chow down. This is why I love that man. He appreciates cheap Maine lobster
This is a picture of us in the restored Red Car.

M' boys.... they rule!


Rick Stein said...

Such a cute couple! Alison & I love you guys--you're beautiful!

Rick & Alison Stein

demondoll said...

What a lovely family :-)

I am so jealous of the LobsterFest; you know WGD doesn't allow it. Another example of The Man... jk :-)

Lulu said...

What an adorable family!!!!!!
And thanks for the suggestion. I wouldn't even know where to begin finding a fancy unmentionables shop. Any suggestions?? (The closest I've come to one is Victoria's which I know is NOT what you are talking about.)