Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tofu Fest!

So, this afternoon I had a modeling gig in Downtown LA, probably one of my favorite places in the entire world. The building was on Spring St. near LATC, it was a great old walk up that is filled with funky artists (Gronk! lives there) Lilo came along and was a perfect Boho baby. He sat on the floor of the studio, watched the proceedings and was INTERESTED and calm the whole time. Whose baby is he anyway? The gig took less time than I thought so L and I headed to little Tokyo for Nisei week and the Tofu Fest.
The picture you see here is L with a giant piece of tofu. In glasses. The tofu, not L.
I ate, L ate, we ate TOFU goodies. I am a huge Japanophile, I could live in little Tokyo and have Sushi, or Shabu Shabu, every day. I guess I should say I am an asian food nut, except for Chinese, with the major exception of Dim Sum. Actally it's not fair to say I dislike Chinese food. I dislike Americanized Chinese food,

"You can't get the sauce as sweet or as thick in China." Name that movie!

L is crawling now and has a line of bruises on his forehead to prove it. Bad Mommy!

T and I are doing the workshop for Charlottes Web at SCR next week and STILL don't have our childcare situation totally squared away. Oy. WHY is childcare so expensive? Seriously, I'm thinking of taking it up, heaven knows babysitters make MORE than I do.

I will admit it, and it's not nice of me to say but I am so jealous of Lulu. Will I ever put on the dress and get the jewelry? bah. It's not pomo or bobo or boho of me, but I do crave the whole shebang every once in a while. And then I don't, and I don't mind going all Kurt and Goldie.


demondoll said...

Marraige or no, it's always nice to get pretties
I love the joe-cool Tofu. Very fine :-)

Melissa said...

hmmm....what dates do you need a sitter?

demondoll said...

Oy. m-a-r-r-i-a-g-e-.

Me yuse 2 b gud spelr

Lulu said...

He-ey! I got a mention!
(OK, sooo not the point.)
I have never heard of a Tofu Festival. I have been to a SPAM Jam. IS that a close second? No?
I love the picture of little one with big ass piece of Tofu. Priceless!