Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Apocalypse Now reducks

Smoke, smoke, smoke.
Yuk.The smoke is so thick and disgusting. We are lucky, nothing has happened here, but, poor San Diego.
T L and I tromped into Hollywood today for auditions (GE for me and Ford for T) Lilo was a champ. He sat in his car seat and told incomprehensible baby jokes the whole time. He was so sweet, even in 99* heat. We had to take Rita, Lala's neurotic Chihuahua with us, so she wouldn't burn up, in case of a conflagration devouring Laguna. So we were at 200 La Brea, a top casting house, with our baby, the dog and two extremely scruffy actors, and little L proceeded to charm the entire house. We get top tier treatment cause everyone is so in awe of the baby. He must be AI from the Blade Runner factory, programed for charm and cuteness. At Trader Joe's I was flustered since they kicked me out, cause no dogs in the market, and a very nice (huge) Man collecting cash for his church watched Rita for me while I bought the baby yogurt. So funny to see this large African American man holding a hot pink leash with an eensy weensy chihua on the end. But he said he felt me and my BEEYOOTIFUL baby deserved the help. Lilo was wearing a Rockies outfit, so that could've been part of the charm.
Well, I've decided today I hate SoCal. Too hot too crowded too fiery too full too smokey too expensive to boot. T and L and I are moving to Minnesota.
Hey, Robert Goulet needs new lungs, let's sacrifice one candidate from each side of the electorate to save him. I nominate Rudy Guiliani, he's a blowhard, his lungs must be huge, and who's Chris Dodd anyway? One lung from each party to unite Ameriker.


Anonymous said...

Dear Di,

Keep the faith -- you'll be fine. More than anything, I'm really enjoying your writing. Sparse. I love it.


demondoll said...

I'm so sorry about the conflagration. We miss everyone, and hope y'all are okay.

Lulu said...

I'm glad you and your family are OK.

rachel in la said...

Hey Di -- Isn't it your birthday on or around today????

Well: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!