Monday, October 22, 2007

She ran callin' Wildfire...

It's another apocalyptic day here in the land of dreams. We were in Long Beach yesterday doing some move in things, having stopped at Verde Green for some gifts and some chat, we were returning to Laguna, T and I having taken 2 cars, and I was speeding along the 405 when I saw a conflagration in the hills over Irvine. It was absolutely terrifying. I'm worried about our friend JD who lives about a mile away from the "flashpoint" and who was blithely watching a baseball game when I called. I couldn't tempt him to come and stay with us in our LB safehouse. The fires are out of control, the smoke and the heat are unbearable. It's like something out of a Mad Max movie. (tho' hopefully w/o Mel Gibson)

T and I spent the late evening packing our cars with things to evacuate. They are crammed to the gills with art, documents, baby things and my scant jewelry. The doggy is a wreck, the baby knows something is going on. I am rather scared and creeped out by the fire smell. We didn't sleep at all trying to keep abreast of the news. Luckily we have the new apartment to use as an escape.

This morning Laguna was eerily brown and hazy, the sun never really rose, except as a heat lamp. We watched the TV and kept dreading the news that some loathsome idiot had started a pleasure fire in the canyon.

Such a strange day, we've been glued to the TV, but Lilo keeps changing the channels on the remote, so dire news is interrupted by a rerun of Star Trek (bad episode, the one with Lurch... erg!) We are cheerful with him and breezy, but he is very clingy cause he knows T and I are stressed out.

Is the earth trying to tell us to get the heck off her back? All I know is, it's hot, dry, everyone on Temple Hills is cramming their cars with their Sophie's choice goods, and I don't know what to do to make it better.


White Ghost Devil said...

Thanks for another reminder of why we left SoCal. I'll remember it next time a wind storm knocks out the power.

Stay safe.

demondoll said...

Stay safe, Honey. I checked in with a few friends who had to evacuate, and one says the smell of ash is everywhere.

Best wishes to everyone.