Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bits of bits

So... looks like we are FINALLY closing on our adorable East Village apartment. Keep your fingers crossed! I got to spend some time there with the fam and I grew to love the area even more. Step out the door, get the paper, buy Converses and coffee, groceries, kool klothes. I think I love Long Beach. Esp. the Lisa Jacobs art and acres of books. BTW anyone who wants to get me dishes for my new digs... I love the Cunard pattern. You can get it on the Queen Mary

Random bits:

I am the "oh" girl. As in, some chick comes up to T squealing her love for him, sees me and says "oh..." He's a rock star and I am Linda McCartney.

I have just given over $40,000 to an escrow co. for a place to live... and my beloved Mini, Alfie needs a tune up and new brake pads to the tune of $700.

I LOOOOVVVEE my new agent Gail Marx. Check me out. I WILL get a commercial on the superbowl, yes I will!

Lilo giggles like a loon. Everything strikes him as amusing.

I am currently trying to decide on my latest tattoo.

Being a muse is exhausting. Sharon Stone got stuff from Tiffanys. I think this is just the correct compensation. Musing is HARD!

I haven't slept more than 4 hours straight in at least a year.

I love everyone at SCR

I also love baubles. See muse comment above.

I'm fat, old and grumpy all the time.

Halloween is my Xmas.

I miss D-Doll, WGD, VS, Yatsu, maybe I should have a "party" so they have to come to visit.

Sometimes, musicals are very dopey. As much as I love them.

I need a nanny


demondoll said...

~First off, better Linda than Heather, yes? And You are much more like, say... Gwen or Sheryl!
~Congrats on the new home!
~I love me some baby laughs :-)
~Welcome to SleepDeprivationNation. Your hosts this year will be teething, seperation anxiety, and the lost favorite bed-time toy.
~Much to my chagrin, I loved the Disney High School Musical play we just saw. Also saw Spitfire Grill (A wee dated)
~I will surely visit you if finances and time allow! A party would be delightful :-)
~Heck with a nanny, I want housecleaning! ;-)

yatsu said...

Oh, he's so beautiful! Sleep or no sleep, you are blessed with a little wonder. Felicitations on the flat. And speaking of musicals, see the movie of "Hairspray," if you haven't. I think it's pretty amusing and you'll get to see what Vajdon's neighborhood looks like.

VS said...

Sweet cookie-puss!! I miss you too. Haven't seen a musical in eons, though am holding my breath for Sweeney Todd. Congratz on the digs; post pictures pronto. Prego.