Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Notes from the Atlantic

For Halloween T, L and I were the Addams Family (sans Wednesday, cause Rita just wouldn't put on the dress. )I look like I've got a Britney Spears weave. We wandered about the 'hood and met some LOVELY people who gave us Trick or Treat wine.
Then we went to Paul Darrow's and T gave him homemade Punkin' soup. SO GOOD!

We went and played with bunnies on my b-day.
Birthdays after 21 should be outlawed.


rachel in LA said...

This is your birthday present from me, Di: www.etsy.com -- go crazy! you'll love it!!

demondoll said...

Oooooh, how I love a good wine treat sample. Or four.
I went tromping in the Dungeness River for my b-day(wearing Muck-boots!). What is it with us and nature??? ;-)

Oh, and here's something for your tickle bone... I'm doing Stella in Streetcar for scene study. My Stanley turns 19 next week.