Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh, but it's hard....!

Yes, the baby is born. He is a beautiful little boy named Lionel Laurance, and he has taken over his mothers life.
T and I went to go see Christmas Carol at SCR on the 19th of December. We stayed out late and had dinner at Norms. That night I felt a horrible pain that lasted about 15 minutes, A contraction? No, I thought, it didn't repeat itself and it didn't last.
The next day i have a doctors appointment. T is out so I ask his mom to accompany me because I feel a little funny, odd, not altogether myself. I go to the OB's and he checks me out, seems to think everything is ok, until I say, "I haven't felt the baby move very much today." Dr Woody's face wrinkles with imperceptible worry, and he sends me to the hospital for a Non-stress test for the baby.
So Miriam and I go, both of us sure that it's nothing. But as I lie in the bed getting my fetal movements measured, the nurse gets more and more concerned. She says she's , "not liking what she sees, too many valleys." I don't even know what that means! My Doc comes in near the end of the test and gives me the choice to stay the night or go home. He also mentions a C-section, and how it would be RIGHT for someone in my condition.
I choose to go home convinced that everything will right itself by the morning. The baby isn't even due for ten days. We aren't ready.

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demondoll said...

Holy sh*t!!! You need to continue this, because it's too nerve-wracking. Please.