Saturday, June 09, 2007

In a bit of a Pickle!

So, we went to go see Father dear (T) in his new show at SCR. It's called "The Only Child" it's a very quirky operetta. Lilo got upset when Miss Minnie yelled at his dad, who was UNRECOGNIZABLE in a huge fat suit. Nassy! But very funny Dromedary toe an'all... Anyway, afterwards we all head out for a nosh at Jerry's deli. (yes in the most un-deli city of Costa Mesa, 'course it's always empty, are there even any Chosen people IN CM?) We get soup, sweet potato fries (my new passion) and of course a side of delicious pickles. Guess who sucked the juice out of a pickle like a little pickle vampire? Yup. The Lilo. I am going to be so busted by my pediatrician. He spits out baby food, hates his organic teething bicuits, but hand him a vinegary sour ex-cucumber and he is in heaven. Is this normal? I am so madame bad mommy. He snatched one out of my hand today. sklorp sklorp suck suck, it's now a dead pickle...

In other news... We just put an offer in on the CUTEST 1950's era Googie/Atomic studio in Long Beach! 2 blocks from the beach, Queen Mary adjacent, in the middle of EVERYTHING. A real city dwelling. It's called The Royal Palms. The exterior is late 50's federal building.

The interior is Atomic fantastic.
the windows are fabulous. Light, bright. Poured concrete floor (poor Lilo) Great details. AWESOME!!

Oh I hope it all works out! It's a co-op which could be a problem to get financing, and get this, the loan would be so low that a lot of banks don't want to do it.
Did I mention that this building is the last bargain in LA? It is spectacular, and due to go condo.

ERG.... My stomach just flipped.

I'm excited but scared. I've NEVER been in debt before.

I love this place! (Thanks for the advice R!)

let it work out... please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please!


Melissa said...

hello my darlin'! Oh my GOD I LOVE SWEET POTATOE FRIES! NOTHING IS BETTER THAN THAT! I use to ONLY go out to eat in places that had them! LOL! Anyhoooooo....I am thinking about moving down to your neck of the woods myself. Not sure why really...just ready for change! THAT PLACE YOU HAVE FOUND IS AMAZING!!!

demondoll said...

I am sending all sorts of good thoughts your way re: the condo! Good luck Honey, it looks fabu-

And oooo, didja know that there is a killer restaurant here that serves SWEETPERTATER FRIES for which my mama risks diabetic coma? I'm just sayin'.
The babies love pickle. I don't get it. Sweet or vinegar. It's crazy, but what can ya do?

Lulu said...

I'm sending you good condo thoughts!!!!!! Good luck!
Very interesting, your pickle vampire. I don't think it makes you a bad mommy. It makes you a SMART mommy. I'd run over to Costco and invest in a big old barrel of those suckers! Hahahaha