Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Musician

Bix BiterBuscuit, the nascent musician

T has made me a better performer. Singing with him, I've learnt to read music, and have begun to really LEARN how to sing. I have to rise up to the challenge of his expertise. Challenge. That's the word. He makes learning new pieces an exciting collaborative challenge. He is an amazing teacher and coach and I am VERY lucky to have him.
I have an audition coming up and thanks to T, I have absolutely no fear. And it's a hard piece.

Happy Fathers Day, my love.


demondoll said...

Look at that sweet baby... *hugs*
Happy belated Father's Day to T from the B3 :)

Rachel in LA said...

I'd like to point out that my google ads attached to your blog right now are 2 for baby food and 2 for pickles -- and one of those is for old style pickle making!


Rachel in LA said...

so what happened with the Condo? we're on pins and needles!

VS said...

Oh my god, it's you!!! In small, male, child form!! What an adorable little pumpkin it is. If I were an elderly Iranian woman, I would say now (loose translation), "Let me eat his liver." My people are odd...