Thursday, March 01, 2007

Breastfeeding is for the birds.

Wish I could love it.
Mostly I feel like a Sizzler buffet.
I am reading a book that is 1300 pages long, and Lionel is frequently in danger of being crushed.
last night I was B-feeding, reading and eating chili. I look down and L has chili splotches all over his onesie.
Bad Mommy!
This morning it was cracker crumbs in his hair.
Big ones. the chihuahua had to get them out.
At least he's sort of sleeping through the night. And he doesn't seem to think I'm weird.
He likes piano music a lot, and rock and roll, and he saw his first play last week and went to his first art opening tonight.
He was looking fine in his track suit.
Most of the people at the art opening looked askance at the baby. maybe they thought he would spit up on the paintings? Mostly he slept, but he liked the mirror balls.
I think the kid is pretty cute... dunno how it happened since daddy and I are sorta meeskite.
Doesn't he look like a rap mogul?


yatsu said...

He is beautiful! Thanks for the pix.

Cecily said...

He is SOOOO cute! I miss you guys a ton and wished Mike and I lived closer. We can't wait to see you in April. It will be nice to give hugs all around. Love, Cec

Rachel in LA said...

can't decide who he looks more like...maybe a beautiful blend of you both!

demondoll said...

That is one beautiful baby! And he works the rap look verrrry well ;)

Sean said...

sean says he looks more hispanic than myles. Can you believe it?

Lulu said...

He's so cute!!!!