Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Nanny

So...I got cast in a recurring role in "What About Brian", which was a gig I auditioned for in September. Groovy!
I was playing a nanny... and had to scramble to find a nanny to sit my own little darling... Weird.
I do love to work, tho', it's funny, six weeks ago I was in despair thinking I would never work again... now... I guess we will figure it out.
T is incredibly supportive and we juggle our schedules together, so hopefully we will both be able to continue doing what we love to do.
T is great with Lilo and Lilo is crazy about T... last night he was crooning and laughing to the baby and my heart melted, it was so sweet. Fellas... so surprising sometimes!

1 comment:

demondoll said...

Your baby is beautiful. Beautiful!
And congrats on the gig!