Saturday, March 20, 2010

Teach. Learn.

Today a mom of a kid with pretty severe learning disabilities made me cry. She came up to me before the demo and told me how much my encouragement meant to her son. She grabbed my arm to emphasize her words. "He Feels Valued, Loved" ... He did a monologue last week, was word perfect, and FUNNY (my ultimate goal) I have to say, the kid stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park on his own, all I did was facilitate. But Damn. I'm proud.
Good week. A. My big project (The C project) is finally coming into fruition. In fact it is SO fruitful, that I have to decide whether the Inc or LLC.
I am directing a play at Go-Fame and the ghost of George guides me, and directing kids has never been so much fun.
My acting career is on the tracks again..
My sis sent me a link about "Luck" and "Lucky People"... hell, I have always been one lucky girl, a luck magnet, and I seem to have found that luck once again...
Go 2010! I am here and available!

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