Monday, March 01, 2010

Blah blah.

Lionel is marred but lovely, like a Greek statue that was dinged on purpose so as not to anger the gods. He has an angry little line on his forehead that will likely fade BEFORE he needs Botox. 8 hours in a less than fun ER on Valentines Day really put a damper on events. My T was so strong and comforting to Lionel. Through the Papoose Board, Daddy behaved with fortitude and grace, even though he confessed to wanting to throw up.
I had a delightful little job this month, wherein I never left the house but auditioned, did the call back and shot, all on Skype using my own camera. It's a Charter commercial in which I apparently feature prominently, so if you see it LMK.
And T is in the final stages of talking to the publisher. He is due to publish his first piece this year and I am sooooo happy! He deserves it and I deserve a vacation.
I am working like a Phonecian. Kids. Why MUST they be so difficult? And so lucrative?
Trader Joes better look to it's Laurels, Fresh and Easy is cheap, delicious, and infiltrating Long Beach. Good product, easy check out and sparky stores. I am a huge fan.
What I am NOT a huge fan of is my bloody fat gut. Blech. I guess it's karma.

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