Saturday, May 09, 2009


I've spent an awful lot of time lately putting together publicity and contracts and computer programs for T's musical Caddie Woodlawn. It's good. It could be big. There is nothing in it for me. It's about white people. And no matter how much bleach I put in my hair, I'm never going to look like a Wisconsin pioneer woman. But I believe in the project. I want every community theatre and children's company in the Midwest to put this thing on.
I've recently been to several auditions for commercials where I have worn my one "Mom" blouse. I think the CD's think I'm homeless, but it is book-em blue, and it's the only thing I own that you could call conservative.
I think all this "Tweeting" from rehearsal is RIDICULOUS! What ever happened to the sanctity of the rehearsal room? the Plebes don't CARE what goes on, they just want to have their wine at intermission and be entertained. When twitter/theatre congratulated twitter/othertheatre for some dumb thing, I almost turned in my geek card at the sheer inanity.
I love the smell of a new script. Can't mention what or for whom, but it is delicious to be working on something so yummy.
I can't wait to see the new Trek movie. I wish I could get my Sci-off uniform out of my Ma's garage, glue my ears on and drink Romulan ale with my fellow geeks. But being all mom-zified, I'll content myself with a scholarly discussion of Obama as Spock and a Corona light.

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Sarah T. said...

I love this blog! Yes yes yes the smell of a new script...delish!
And I love that you have ONE "Mom" blouse. Me too. Blech.