Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almost showtime...

And I am taking advantage of the fact that the boys are in Laguna to catch up on much needed ablutions. Roots disguised, legs de-furred, eyebrows elegant.
Looking back on the year, I have to admit that it wasn't as bad for me as it seems to have been for so many people. Honestly, when you ALREADY live hand to mouth, the recession isn't that much of a shock.
Lessee... things accomplished... shot quite a few industrials, not a lot of lolly, but SOMETHING, taught quite a bit, got a production of CW up, (which I have been a complete and utter pest about) sent innumerable letters out and had some good responses, taught myself musical notation with Todd Hendricks help, got better about singing auditions, wrote a TYA script based in Shakespeare. Nothing terribly concrete, but pushing onwards.
Still stuck in our wigwam, with no out date yet. Losing a bit of hope that we are going to get a loan.
Still and all, more or less, we broke even this year. A bit of an achievement considering the Great Recession.
Looking back on it, 2009 will be the year of the eh's, as in "not so much, eh.". But with joy. Lionel joy, love joy. My hand raised fish. The fact that the cat no longer bites my ankles. My joy of a private student. My parents. Trip to Catalina. A couple of interesting workshops at SCR. My sweet man. Pandora radio. Celtx. Top Valu marinated steak. Champagne. My slowly recovering figure. The gym. Cowboy boots. Pho. Oysters. etc.

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