Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If You Seek... Wha???!!!

Good year so far! My prize student gets the role of her dreams , my beloved Tommish gets a publishing offer for his murder mystery, Darling You Slay Me, Caddie W is in the hands of the TOP publishing houses, Lionel is kicking preschool A$%, and my cat has stopped biting me. In the yuk zone: Garage is flooded, I drove in a tornado today, I'm not in THAT show. I'm still overweight.... But at least I'm not Britney.
I think poor lil' Miss Spears is SERIOUSLY, developmentally disabled. I watch her videos, and she is so BLANK!? I really wonder if she knows what she is auto-tuning about. Or does her sicko dad put her into BDSM mufti and let her sing about Amy, take all her money, and hope she doesn't do a Flowers for Algernon on him? She seems too dumb to be real. And what happened to her neck? Does childbirth distort the jaw so much that she now looks out of proportion? Britney! Your weird neck and short arms disturb me!

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spartacus said...

I'm just wondering what is up with her boobs in that photo? Very strange things are happening there.