Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Caveat Emperor!

Well I guess it's official. I've joined the cast of Emperors New Clothes at SCR! I think I'm going to do a day to day blog, describing the process of putting up an Equity show from an actors point of view.
South Coast Repertory is a great place to work, especially in the light of all the recent season cancellations and theatre closures.  One thing that has been especially hard for union actors is the fact that due to budgetary constraints most places like to do very small cast shows. Sometimes it seems like SCR is the only game in town, and the competition is fierce. I had the very great pleasure (for a scaredy-cat like me) of not having to audition for this show. I was asked, and was able to accept. I think that is the position all actors strive for, but it's so rare to have something offered. Feels very sweet.
I'm always astonished at the organization of this machine. I have already been asked for and sent in a bio, was contacted by contracts and have been given my schedule in a clear concise manner. And my first rehearsal is tomorrow! It's going to be especially crazy because the building is humming and full to the gills with actors in the Pacific Playwrights Festival readings,  two fully produced shows, the youth and adult conservatory with its hundreds of students and the studio series Burley-Q queens(!)
It's a small bustling city, and it's a dammed exciting place to be.
Tomorrow: Music, and fittings and contracts, Oh my!

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