Friday, October 13, 2006

Myles of Fun

We had a delightful trip to Calistoga with my fam.
We took the train up from LA to SJ. It was a comfortable 10 hour ride, we snuggled and ate and looked out the observation car. So much more relaxing than airplanes.
We arrived in SJ on Saturday night. On Sunday Morning my sis and her Hubby ran a 1/2 Marathon(!) Completely amazing. We stayed in bed. hehehe. We drove to Calistoga with my Dad. We stayed in the Carlin Cottages, a revamped motor court, and luxuriated in our hot spring fed pool. T and I were gloriously lazy. We didn't go to a single vineyard and mostly spent the time soaking like hippos. We did play a bit with my ADORABLE and Rambunctious nephew Myles. What a flirt he is. He batted his eyelashes and asked for surprises and one felt like a terrible ogre if one did not oblige!
Saw the petrified forest. It was... Petrified. Ate, ate, ate and had a massage and Tom and the baby got kicked out of the local dive bar 'cause the baby was under 21.
We got to hang with my sis a lot, she proceeded to joyfully and wickedly tell me all about how babies arrive in the world, furthering my desire to be knocked out the SECOND the first contraction appears. She's a world class Doctor, so she would know.... Somehow we managed to come away from Napa without a single bottle of wine. Oops. Came home on Wed via Southwest... one good thing about being knocked up? You get preboarding privileges on airplanes. The turkeys at security still make you take off your shoes. Try bending over with a bowling ball stuffed down your pants and you can imagine my humiliating predicament. I had to ask T to take my shoes off for me. Like a little old lady. Well, I have elastic waisted pants and I piddle when I sneeze, I waddle when I walk and my sciatica hurts. Leisure World here I come!
I do love a good vacation. Even if I did look like Shamu in my polka dot bikini.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely vacay, isn't it nice to see the folks? Yes, I imagine your Sis had some freakish tales. I wish I'd done mondo drugs... ;)

Anonymous said...

Myles is a cutie! Hey, the Boy has that superhero breastplate thingie...