Friday, November 17, 2006


I am so tuckered out at the end of the day that it's all I can do to drag myself to my beddy.
Love doing the show, it's been a blast and I'm going tot miss it, but I'm HUGE! Luckily since I'm playing a spider most people think it's just part of the costume.

I had my family here last weekend and had a great time, of course I couldn't play with them as much as I wanted to, but Myles got to see the show and he seemed to enjoy it... "Last year Tia D'ana cat, this year Spider..." he sighed astutely, and he proclaimed "SCARY!" when he saw the view from onstage and observed all the seats.

T and I are TRYING to take the whole "Birthing process" thing seriously... but can't get past the hilarity. When did it become mandatory for men to be squishy? T read that he was supposed to cry over his OWN baby pictures with me, and throw hissy fits on airplanes, and buy me expensive baubles, and offer them to me with tears in his eyes. He threw that book against the wall and has refused to read anything else. Really, do we honestly want weepy men populating the planet? NO WE DON'T! Suggestions for something less obnoxious? I really want those baubles!

BTW there is NO chivalry towards preggies in line for the bathroom. All the books say that the line will open up like Moses and the Red Sea. HA! Went to see a show the other night, waddled out to the bathroom during intermission, and all of the old women took one huge unsympathetic look at me, smirked and seemed to be saying "It's your funeral girlie, I went through it and had to tinkle in gutters!" It's not so much the peeing aspect of it... I HATE standing in line. At the post office some guy hollered at me when I went to go sit on the bench while I waited for my turn and then came back online. "So you're cutting?" he sneered, "No I'm pregnant" I said calmly, my tone dripping with scorn and my voice pitched loud enough so that the whole line could hear me... Chivalry, my big, over sized and growing huger by the day A$$.


demondoll said...

I totally remember people letting me in front of them for the potty... but yes, sometimes people are just not sympathetic. I secretly wish them a little gastritis.
Trying to knit hat to accompany, but it is not going well. I picked another yarn, and I dunno. The wubby might be coming solo.

demondoll said...

Thought of you when I read Isabelle Allende was in Seattle. Is she still one of your faves?

White Ghost Devil said...

If T wants to show everyone what a tough father he's going to be, instead of cutting the cord with scissors and shooting blood everywhere like I did, he should bite through it. That would make folks take notice.

Speaking of cord blood. I read that they are better able to handle donations than in '00. Is that something you guys had checked out?

Also, Ddoll will get your baby gift in the mail as soon as we're not snowed in.