Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fa La La la BAH!

Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored!

I wish I was doing something this holiday season... I just don't have the gift of entertaining myself, never have. I really miss working.

Today I went for the longed for wax... Childbirth will be mere child's play, 'cause at least you get drugs. Explain to me how anyone can take getting ALL of it taken off, please, because I think I would die. 'Course I'm a Mediterranean gal, but heck, Brazilians are a fuzzy people. Do they have no nerves near their girly bits? OW. Getting my furry self under control has been a life long obsession. When I HAD a little discretionary cash I spent it on laser hair removal. And I DO NOT regret it. I'd feel like a gorilla otherwise.

Also got my layers BARELY trimmed. I miss my pixie cut. Why oh why am I letting my mop grow out? T likes long hair, and I am becoming a slave to his preference. He also hates it when I paint my toes anything other than Cherries-in the Snow red, but heck if I'll give up my Walmart toes. I love my tacky toes. I'm hoping someone around here will do leopard spots. With sequins. AND maybe a toe ring.

My shower was very sweet. Beautiful, tasteful... It had a nautical theme! My friend B who threw it for me was an absolute angel, and it was nice to see my pals, although I have to say, I still feel sorta goofy opening baby gifts. I'm still not sure I QUITE believe I'm actually gonna have a baby. I guess I'm in for the shock of my life in about 3 weeks. Poor T, too.

Geeze aren't I fat? I'm doing pilates and jogging like a maniac in all my dreams... Oh vanity thy name c'est MOI.

Don't we both look slightly shell shocked in this picture?

Wow... my arm...looks like an unbaked loaf of French bread.

Huh... At least I have cleavage for the first time in my life.

Yes, now I am tormenting all of you with my faffing and thumb twiddling...



1 comment:

demondoll said...

Cherries in the snow, hm? I am partial to I'm not really a waitress:)
Try Pompeii Purple, that's fun without the shock? Then again, I like fun toes. Bring on the leopard spots!
Sorry you're bored. It is tedious waiting for arrivals, ain't it? Go to the movies. You won't have the energy later. Say, don't you get the screener thingies???