Friday, December 08, 2006

Tick, tick Boom!

As I sit waiting in terror for little TBA to make his entrance onto the scene, I am filled with an overwhellming urge to preen. I desperately need a pedicure, a haircut and a *bikini wax*. I know you probably think me a vain, shallow creature... and you are absolutely right! But let's get real for a second. When is the next time that I will have any sort of a chance to take care of the little peacock that is me? The twelfth of never, that's when. By then I will have come to resemble a rainforest in Brazil, if you receive my meaning. Plus I'm missing REAL yoga, I'm retaining Lake Erie, and I resemble Orson Wells. Something must be done. I just don't know how I am to get the longed for grooming done... I'm not supposed to get my feet massaged, I may regret any hair brained haircut I decide on and I can't lie on my back long enough for the sadistic Russian lady to do her thing. Oh woe is me...


demondoll said...

You're too funny!
Preen away missy. Haven't ya earned it? And if you haven't you soon will ;)
Also Shallow Mama

White Ghost Devil said...

What rainforest in Brazil?