Thursday, June 11, 2009

When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school It's a wonder I can think at all

I found some scrapbooks today, filled with theatre memories from when I was a very young kid. It got me remembering how AWFUL most of the theatre experience at my High School was. I was doing semi-professional theatre outside of HS, but since I was incarcerated anyway, I hoped that the theatre dept. would make the experience less hellish.
Exhibit A: Freshman year. My "Drama" teacher was a bodybuilder and the coach for ladies softball, with no appreciable talent or desire to be saddled with the Drama Club. WE did Sweet Charity. This was Catholic school, mind, but no one seemed to have looked up the definition of "Taxi Dancer" before approving the script. Somehow or other my big mouth got me in trouble with Ms Muscles and I was OFF the drama squad until my Junior year. Perhaps my pointing out she didn't know which was upstage and which was downstage offended the lady in some way.
Junior year the Brothers of Mercilessness hired a VERY young VERY raw girl, who dressed VERY colorfully, gelled her thick eyebrows up in a constant expression of surprise, and had very distinct ideas about putting on a play. She loved me, but she was a little insane, and when it came to staging Grease she completely lost her mind. I was playing Rizzo and she called a special rehearsal for my big solo, "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" Then proceeded to do a highly choreographed interpretative high kick dance, while singing my simple little number as loud as she could. I just stared at her in disbelief and as if she was insane. I flatly refused to do her dance, and she was pretty mad, but it didn't matter because she didn't even last till the end of the year.
Senior year. A real pro. Guy knows what he's doing, but obviously has no time to do it. The musical comes up, and since I was,"so talented" i.e. would do his job for him willingly without being paid, he let me put together a musical review and direct the thing all by myself. I was WAY out of my league, but his son was a talented musician and things fell into place, somehow. Of course I kept the best songs for myself, including the Judy Garland solo.
Terrible. Then the year I graduate they hire a FANTASTIC guy to run the dept. and build a state of the art theatre. Those Brothers ALWAYS had it in for me.

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Joey Oddo said...

WOW! Sorry it was so traumatic for you! I had no idea. It was fun for me! Wish I could do it again. (Pit band, that is...)