Monday, July 27, 2009

Long hot summer.

T has taking to calling our little studio, "The Secret Annex". That tells you just about all you need to know about living conditions. It's hot, everyone is grouchy, and the neighbors have really gone off the deep end.
We finally (FINALLY!) finished that damn piano score. Thank you Phillip Glass for inspiring us to hire Todd, who taught us Sibelius with patience and kindness. We managed not to kill each other. And the piano score is lovely.
T is shattered from the completion I think, he and L are sacked out on the couch together. I had a private little weep and feel much better.
In other news:
Still poor as church meeses. We really want to go to Denver AND Washington DC, but it's so expensive.... sigh.
Came super close to booking 2 commercials and an episode of "House", but as we know close means nothing in acting and horse races. Still trying to act, even after hearing that my headshot is "dated" (ie: I look too young in I am OLD)
At least we have AC.

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spartacus said...

It's a numbers game. At least you are getting out. Any at bat is great, callbacks are fun. You have so many other actors beat right now.