Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 19 2009,Day 13 at Pinecrest lake. In an ironic turn it has been WONDERFUL to have so much room to ramble in, whilst in the family cabin. The cabin thought so small, is three times the size of our apartment, the secret annex. I am really beginning to thirst for ROOM, and a garden. We have amused ourselves, mostly by boating, swimming and cooking gourmet meals for ourselves. So far we have had Collard Green casserole, homemade Shepherds pie, burgers, pork chops and cous cous and tonight we are having steak Milanesa and chimichurri sauce, with sweet potato fries. It’s been good fun cooking ourselves silly this vacation, in spite of he fact that we were not allowed to set foot in the kitchen when the cousins were here. There were 22 people shacking up in this little shack. I will say that tempers seemed a little frayed (myself included) but fun was had.
T, L and I are really expert at the laze. We managed to rouse each other enough to go see Pixar’s UP at the outdoor movie theatre last night. Lionel thought the lead was Grandpa. Funny how people thought to warn us about scary dogs in the movie, but not scary Kirk Douglas look alikes. I blubbered myself silly, which T thought was high-larious, L’s only real question was what Grandpas name was and when we could get some balloons for the cabin.

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