Friday, September 11, 2009

And now... blatant advertisments.

Alfie, my Mini, is in the shop AGAIN. Woe be to ye who buyeth fancy BMW engined cars. It's never less than a cool thou and 3 days to fix. Aca Automotive 5101 E Willow Street Long Beach, CA
(562) 421-1905. The jury is WAY Out on them. So I drop off the Mini on Wednesday. They call me every night and say they need it another day, 1st because the piece hasn't arrived, second day, it's the wrong part, third day, and best so far, my mechanic gets the boss to call because he KNOWS I'm going to be steamed, and he gives me a huge excuse laden explenation, up to and including blaming the mini dealership for lying about having the correct part. Gah! Still don't have the car.

On the other hand, Manuel at Tempco Radiator (1505 E Burnett St Signal Hill, CA 90755-3515 (562) 427-9740) was nice, fast and helpful. Really a good company.
On a whole different topic; I bought this new stuff for curly hair: Living Proof at Sephora. (Where, if I'm not careful I will blow the grocery money on makeup I don't need, and rarely use) Jury is still out. Yes, my hair doesn't feel greasy. Is it curlier? Perhaps. But the Frizz is still there. I long for the defined and ravishing curls of Miss Penny P.

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