Thursday, September 24, 2009

St Pauli girl and boy

Midwest Tour Day 1
We landed in St Paul and stayed at the St. Paul Hotel, where to my delight and chagrin Lou Reed was also staying. (Chagrin because T tried to make me talk to Lou, and I was waaay too shy.) 11 floors up, with a great view of the city.
Within walking distance of the hotel there were 5 legitimate theatres, all open and in production. The only fly in the oinkment was that they all, "Banned guns on the premises." Oh shit, thinks I, does that mean thatat all the other places everyone was packing heat?Gah.
We started our tour with a nerds eye view of St. Paul by visiting Praerie Home Companion sites, such as the Fitzgerald, the offices of MPR, Mickeys Diner and Common Good Books, Garrison Keillors personal bookstore, where I stuck Caddie postcards in every available crevise and cranny.
We ate twice at Mickeys, where their one eyed Jack took the prize for most fabulous breakfast food ever.
St Paul is a beautiful, walkable city. There is public art everywhere and preserved historic buildings. The cathedral on the top of the hill was a particularly beautiful example of Catholic grandiosity.
My red letter event was that I hopped a fence and dipped a finger into the mighty Mississippi, therby connecting myself with history to the nth degree. Actually T made me do it, I was in a dress, it was hot and I felt undignified, but to hell with it, I wanted to connect with Mark Twain.

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