Saturday, November 07, 2009

Things is lookin', well if not up, sideways...

After a long period of "REST" (Actor euphemism for being out of work) I have had more gigs in the past 14 days than practically the last 14 months, with no sign of slowing, thank Minerva! I love it when I can feed the beast and the baby at the same time. T is about to go into Christmas Carol, I have a workshop at the Rep next week and then a busy schedule of murder mysteries. Here's hope that Christmas will be the year end catch up we need to keep us out of the poorhouse.
T was reading in the paper today about a family of three here in LA who live in 350 sq ft. Our 500 is beginning not to look so bad.
I had an audition for a musical in a big theatre, and Lionel took one look at the venue and said, "No Momma, no competition." and he said it in such a blase way. I can't tell whether he hates the competition or whether there is no competition. Either way he made me laugh.
My brain aches from all the memorization. I fear sometimes that I am on the train to dementia-ville. The remote ends up in the fridge, I pour myself coffee, then can't find it 2 seconds later, I tell T amusing stories and then he refers back to them a day later and I have NO idea what he is talking about. At least the memorization is keeping the juice sluice flowing! I hope. Occasionally I throw my fellow actors under the bus, by dropping the ball, then hiding it under a table.

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