Thursday, October 15, 2009

Health and Healthlessness

One, dear numbskull's at Healthnet dental,
my son is two. You have assigned him an adult dentist. I have to take him to said dentitsts office and likely wait around for his appointment time. He will scream. Said dentist will then file paperwork to recommend my TODDLER go to a pediatric dentist. I will have wasted a whole morning (dentist will have wasted his time as well, and probably bill the insurance.) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? This is THE stupidest thing I have dealt with so far in a CAREER of dealing with idiot health insurance.
Two, jerks at the 24 hour fitness 730 pm dance class at South Coast Metro,
Rena has been gone for 2 months. She is a fantastic, sexy creature and an excellent instructor. She came back much thinner and tired. She announces she has been having chemotherapy and is very ill, but is glad to be back teaching. You all stand there gaping at her disinterestedly. She looks crestfallen. This only reinforces my opinion that that part of the OC is full of cold hearted bastards. It would have hurt you guys to APPLAUD the girl? Keep it classy South Coast Metro.
best wishes.

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