Thursday, October 01, 2009

Socks? Pt II

First of all, I have to acknowledge a correction about Laura Ingalls Wilder and my waxing wroth. Yes her first book was little house in the WOODS. Of Wisconsin. Thanks you Yatsu for calling me out on accuracy, BUT, THAT Little house was 45 minutes away from Dunn county, and leave Caddie her own little patch of woods say I.
Saturday we had a fantastic breakfast at The Creamery. We were joined by Blaine H. Director of Caddie and tireless theatre impresario, his lovely GF, Susan her talented husband Michael, and the inimitable Joan Graham and her whip smart daughter Jennifer. Joan and Jen starred in our previous trip out west for Tales, and are 2 of the funniest, smartest people we have the pleasure to know. They told us some great Al Franken stories and came armed with a picture of Joan and Walter Mondale, taken by pure chance at a rally. A great breakfast, great conversation and our lingering, nay, MAlingering personalities, and POW we were almost late for our matinee!
We had the pleasure of meeting David Brink, and Susan's cousins, who stopped by the Pin Cherry for snacks before the show. I had about 5 minutes to shower, put on my make up and try to make my overly curly hair presentable when we were stopped in our tracks by crisis: I had forgotten to pack black socks for T. "Wear the white ones." Say I. I am met with withering scorn. I say, my hair wet and myself less than attractive, "quick get in the car, I'll drop you off at the theatre and... BUY you socks."
Mind I am fancied up, driving unknown roads on a sock quest. I FINALLY find a Walgreens, screech to a stop, pull in, run into the store, clatter, clatter, clatter in my heels. Find black dress socks. Go to pay. The nice (But EXCRUCIATINGLY slow) lady at the register sez, "Goin' to a wedding?" "No" say I. "Not goin' to a funeral in a pink dress?""No" say I. "Well you gotta tell me why yer running in here in yer fancy dress buying black men's socks." I semi calmly explain that T wrote the show currently running at the Mabel Tainter. She was vaguely whelmed.
I arrived at the theatre, stuck T's white sox in my handbag, and took my seat.

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