Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another day, Another loaf.

Today I am making kitchen-meatloaf. As I'm sure you can imagine, it's ground turkey with every leftover in the kitchen but the sink. Sometimes it's sublime, sometimes... a smidge of baba ganouj, a dollop of HP sauce, roasted tomatoes, and yellow bellpepper. Who knows? That's how I like things. Improvised, mysterious, and sometimes dodgy.
A couple of days ago I tried Roger Ebert's recipe for fragarant chicken in the rice cooker. Ebert swears, The Pot Knows; i.e. bung all you ingredients in the rice cooker and the pot will know when it's done. I'll be damned it it DID know and was quite yummy, altho' it definitely needed a lot of sriracha sauce, cause I like things hot.
Talking about Ebert reminds me that he is ill with jaw cancer, and one of my favorite flies in the ointment, Christopher Hitchens, is ill with throat cancer. Bunches of Christians are praying for him, but you know That even the most enlightened, sweet, nonjudgemntal types are thinking, "HAH, God gotcha Hitchens!" He says that if he is raving about accepting Christ on his deathbed, give him the dignity of understanding that at that point he will be a raving lunatic. Touche, Mr Hitchens!
One of my other favorite atheists, Drew Dalzell is also ill and in the hospital. He is a smart, funny guy and I hope he gets some laughs in the next few weeks as he is stuck in the joint for a long time. Who knew gallbladders could be so trecherous?
And THAt reminds me of my friend Johnny, who had his spleen removed, and my mum who had an appendix that pointed in the wrong direction, both of whom are recovering nicely thank... er...god, I guess.
Which takes me to my topic statement: Dog strollers are stupid. Yes, yes, I know the arguments about sick dogs, and how it is easier to get them to the vet and blah blah blah... but yesterday, at the Irvine Spectrum, duck lipped, pneumatic blondes in teetering Louboutins were pushing their teacup yorkies in hot pink carriges, and they looked unspeakably stupid. STUPID! Why do women want to look stupid? Plastic surgeons haven't perfected the lip puff. It always looks bad. Boobs are not meant to look like concrete grapefruits, and dogs should be big and sloppy and have the ability to WALK next to you on a LEASH. I HATE pushing a GD stroller, HATE it, why in hell would you push one, at the mall, in heels, if you didn't have to? WHY? Sometimes Irvine makes me want to scream.
Oh, the transition for that was nessecary surgery vs unnessecary surgery (boobs, lips,etc)
Dog strollers. OY.
And back around to my meatloaf. They are victims of kitchen-sink plastic surgery. And sometimes... you just have to throw the meatloaf out.

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spartacus said...

I have several comments.
I think the Christians are praying for Hitchens to die.
Dogs should not be samll enough to fit in a purse. Chihuahuas are shaking all the time because they are so small they are afraid of being crushed by, well, everything.