Monday, October 04, 2010

RIP Tony Curtis

It started at his funeral. The girl in the iconic white dress, the too blonde hair and the overdone makeup found herself weeping. She had come to Vegas as a lark, put her wigs and shoes in her car and hurriedly picked out the white dress with the pleats. She loved Marilyn, and the guy had been the blonde goddess' old flame. But the old 8 x 10 of the beautiful lips, the eyes, bluer than rainwater knocked her in her tracks. The loud Bronx accent. The old Hollywood glamour, that was dying every day. Studio stars were almost all dead. The TV people from the 70's were going, so that meant the real glamour was almost all gone. And for HIM to be dead. Well, it was the end of Hollywood. When Liz Taylor goes, it's gone for sure and if Hollywood was gone, there was nothing left to live for.

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spartacus said...

They don't make STARS like they used to. They had a mysterious quality that TMZ has stripped away. What kind of stars do we have now? We know all their trash. There's no mystique when you know what someone had on their bagel for breakfast.