Sunday, December 12, 2010

And a little Vons will lead them.

Downtown Long Beach is giddy, GIDDY, at the grand opening of our brand new fancy Vons. It's right next door, but luckily doesn't block my mountain view, even tho' it's the size of the Death Star. All of my neighbors are excited. It's like Trump bought up the real estate and turned it into a casino. Yesterday at second Saturday art walk, it's all anyone could talk about. In fact one guy I spoke to was waiting for his shift to be over so he could go and sample the food. He said to me, "I am so glad, this means we are moving UP."
Yeah I live in an urban center. But this grocery store opening feels like the time I got corrected by a young girl who I was teasing for being from the sticks, "There's a MERVYNS in Porterville, now."
The old Vons was not so affectionately called the Crackhead Vons. And every Friday and Saturday night there would be a PARADE of guys peeing on the side of the wall, in full view of my apartment building. I really wanted to take their pictures and post them online in a blog-of-shame. This new one is so FANCY. A service Deli and ooohhh a sandwich counter! Still doesn't explain the party mood surrounding the opening. But I have to confess I've been there everyday since it's opened. I am drawn to our East Village oasis just like all of my neighbors. Eh. It's probably just the free food.

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