Sunday, March 26, 2006

Target...dream or dante's inferno?

I just spent 2 shows worth of income on a new garment bag at Tar-dzeey. That red symbol, those groaning aisles, Luella, Isaac... ayayayay. This is the CUTEST garment bag I have ever owned. It has a peony on it!
Lordy but I'm a sucker for good design. And anything pink. AND I NEED new luggage anyway.. I lost all of my old stuff in "The Divorce" If I had the money... boy I would've bought the whole luggage line. It's classic and classy. I also got a new iPod holder and it has skulls on it!!! Pink accented skulls! How could I possibly have resisted? Even if my iPod is prehistoric, OLD and Old and OLD! Retail therapy. A cure for my lonely self. Thank god I know better than to put it on my credit card; when one works strictly cash, spending is curtailed. And a good thing too... I love pretty things so much...

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demondoll said...

I saw that the other day, and coveted like no one's bizness. Alas, I have to save for a kickin' knitty bag, so I veered away :(