Saturday, August 14, 2010

Teacher, Teach!

It's weird being and ED-U-CA-TOR. I work as an acting teacher for one of the most well thought of regional theatres in the country. I happen to work for a woman I consider a muse and a mentor and someone who kept me from slitting my wrists when I was kicked out of Acting School. For not being able to ACT. 20 yrs later, I am vested in my union, getting a pension, working constantly. Anyway... I think it is important to struggle, to be told you suck, to have dark days early on. If you have to push through,you take nothing for granted. I suffered a lot, but I always said to myself, "I'm good. I'm solid. I know what I'm doing." And I do.
To quote Sondheim, I'm still here.

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